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Nothing is standard with us. That's because consulting begins with you - your business, your needs, your challenges. Every project we undertake is customized to the client's unique needs. It may even be needs, challenges and opportunities you haven't even thought about. Consulting isn't about telling you what you already know. It's about exploring what you might be missing.

We also know you can't build lasting business relationships or meaningful introductions with a speed-dating approach. It takes insight gained through time, commitment and experience. Whether you are looking to expand your business through acquisitions or strategic partnerships, or are looking to sell a product, service or entire business, Stephen Lautens and Bob Clark have a remarkable depth and breadth of experience available to be put to use for you.

Stephen Lautens Robert J. Clark

Stephen Lautens has extensive experience as a senior executive in communications, business development and investor relations roles. He has been a key member of management during the growth and successful sale of public and private corporations. A lawyer by training, Stephen has been part of senior management of successful companies in fields as diverse as technology and mining. As an entrepreneur and consultant, Stephen has found unique opportunities and relationships for companies and provided strategic advice to foster their growth.

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Bob Clark was President and Chief Operating Officer (2008 – 2014) Atlas Canada, a $100 million dollar company and Canada's transportation leader. He previously served as Vice President Product Business Head and Director, Business Development (1993 - 1995). As President he led a team of 100 employees in Canada, where he was responsible for revenue growth and market share development. He specializes in business development for companies in transition. Bob has also been a business owner and has a long history of philanthropic involvement.

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