Relationship-based consulting & communications

We offer a lot.

As executive business advisors, we cover a lot of ground.

Between Stephen Lautens & Bob Clark, we have worked in a wide variety of industries, including technology, transportation, logistics, mining, finance, communications, start-ups, legal, government, traditional media, social media, charities and a number of others. Whether you need a lot of help or just a little, we can provide advice, skills and resources that may be lacking in your business.

Relationship Development
With decades of successful business experience, Stephen and Bob have a vast network of contacts and relationships they can put to work for you. Sometimes the key to success is simply getting in front of the right person with a credible introduction. We may be able to help.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Every industry goes through periods of growth, consolidation, expansion or sale. Both Lautens and Clark have successfully participated in all these stages of the corporate life-cycle, from identifying potential acquirers, preparing for maximum valuation, due diligence and negotiating the sale.
Business Transition Strategies
In a rapidly changing business world, success is often the result of how we adapt to that change. Whether change is something you actively seek or has been thrust upon you, we can help you adapt your business to changing markets, regulations or technologies.
Succession Planning
Along with business transition, succession planning is a major challenge, particularly in successful family businesses with no clear generational prospects. Some of the most successful family business are facing the prospect of an aging leadership and no one to take over the reigns. We can help identify options for succession or transition.
Business Development
With almost four decades of combined experience in traditional business development, Lautens and Clark can help you find and expand opportunities for growth that you may not have even thought about, whether around the world or in your own backyard.
Sales Support & Development
We have developed training programs for corporate sales forces to motivate and help your team identify new prospects with effective sales techniques. We can also assist directly in identifying and pursuing sales opportunities to boost your pipeline or break into new markets at home or around the world.
Corporate Communications
Many great companies hide behind bad messaging. Milestones and achievements fall flat because of badly written press releases. Your limited communications budget is wasted because of bad presentation materials. The fact is, communications is a highly specialized skill that is under appreciated and under funded in most companies. Presentations, websites, promotional materials or social media play an increasingly important role in maintaining a positive corporate presence or announcing new goods and services. Skilled writing and presentation will automatically make you stand out from your competition and get your message across.
Philanthropic Partnerships
Whether it is a personal passion or part of your CSR program, we can help you identify and successfully work with local and international charities. With a wealth of experience in the charitable and not-for-profit world, we can make sure your philanthropic work is rewarding and effective.
Trade Shows
Trade shows are important opportunities to showcase your company and services. It can be a major investment that requires a very specialized skill. We have organized and presented at dozens of trade shows around the world. Our services include trade show booth design, materials, memorable premiums ("giveaways"), staffing and staff training, and logistics.



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